There are many other ways you and your organization can support this project today. We are listing a few here but are open to ideas that best fit your impact goals.

  1. Core funding of the project: This means supporting the full implementation of the project, at the agreed upon scale, targets, milestones and visibility.
  2. Financial sponsorship of specific implementation goals or project activities: Supporting specific components or activities of the project. This can be a number of One Baby Boxes, target a specific community or supporting a set of activities like the “One Childhood, Equal Chances” training program.
  3. In-kind sponsorship to cover the costs of components of the box: Helping the project by covering the costs or purchasing items featured in the box. 
  4. Purchase of a number of boxes to be offered to underprivileged young couples participating in the “One Childhood, Equal Chances” training program.
  5. Visibility support: This entails support to the outreach of the project, production of promotional material, social media content, campaigns or other.

On a personal level, you can always support this project by gifting “One Baby Boxes” to expectant or new parents. This would enable us to provide these boxes to other limited resources parents, helping them in giving their babies the same starting point in life as any other baby in the world.

You can also support this project with direct donations through our page on Global Giving

You can always spread the word and help us expand our reach via instagram

We are looking forward to your support to our project.

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