One Baby Box

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Everything new or expectant parents would need in their journey with their precious baby. 46 essential items that were carefully designed, build or selected to ensure this new family has all the support needed to provide  a healthy, happy and equitable “babyhood”.

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This is not just a box! One Baby Box is an idea inspired by an 80 years old tradition that started in Finland then spread all over 80 different countries around the world.

One Baby Box has in it everything new or expectant parents would need as they embark on their journey with their precious baby. 

46 essential items that were carefully designed, built or selected to ensure this new family have all the support they need to provide to their newborn a healthy, happy and equitable “babyhood”.

Our team spent months carefully researching and testing these items with 3 key principles in mind: Safety, Elegance and Comfort.

Also, by offering this One Baby Box, you would be are helping other parents with limited resources to access the same box. Thus,  giving their babies the same starting point in life as any other baby in the world.

You can also directly Gift a One Baby Box to limited resources parents by visit our global fund-raiser here.

The box itself has at least 3 uses:

  1. It can be used as a sturdy storage container for children’s toys and belongings.
  2. It is also designed to serve as the baby’s first bed! Newborns’ needs are simple, they only need a cosy enclosed space to sleep that reminds them of their mother’s womb. With its own custom mattress and bed cover at the bottom, this sleeping space reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by protecting the baby from the risks of accidental asphyxia due to sharing a bed. This accounts for 80% of all sudden and unexpected deaths among infants. One can also use this box as a travel cot, also serving as a reliable container with its dedicated handles.
  3. The Box constitutes in itself a painting canvas for the baby’s siblings, the family can engage in the fun activity of decorating it together, offering the newborn’s siblings the chance to get excited and engaged in anticipation for their upcoming brother or sister.

The look and esthetic of the box and many of its content items were inspired by the work of Mary Blair, an avant-garde visual artist whose work can be seen in particular in the It’s a Small World Attraction at the Disney Parks among others.

The bed cover and mattress / Changing mat add-on:

At the bottom of the box you will find a dedicated baby mattress that is coated with a water-proof, easily to cleanse material. You will also find a cotton bed cover to use on this mattress. This mattress also has a double usage: If you attach to it the add-ons provided in an inverted U shape using the velcro areas, you will be able to transform it into your very own changing mat to use at home. It can also be cleaned using wipes, which you will also find in your One Baby Box.

Nutrition Essentials

All the nutrients your baby needs in its first months of life is fully available at the best possible quality, without costing you anything: The mother’s breast milk is enough to provide both the mother and child with all the benefits no artificial formula can provide. Also, breast-feeding helps the mother’s body’s recovery from pregnancy and delivery. Of course, with certain health conditions, some mothers may be forced to resort to formula feeding, in that case, guilt shouldn’t be part of the equation, your role as a mother is not defined by that. But, if there aren’t any medically indicated reasons, do not give up on breast-feeding for any other reasons. We are here to help you with that. You will find in the One Baby Box a special breast-feeding shield that would allow you to nourish your baby virtually anywhere without having to be socially excluded. If you’re working or have to be away from your baby for hours, this is no reason to stop breast-feeding, you can use the breast pump included in the box and store your milk in the bottle or ziplock bags provided. You can store this milk in the fridge for 24 hours or in the freezer for up to 6 months. When needed, you just put the bottle in some hot water till it reaches body temperature and anyone can feed the baby till the mother arrives. You will also find a dedicated brush to wash the milk bottle before boiling it. We have also included a feeding bib to protect your baby’s cloth. We invite you to learn more about your baby’s feeding, breast care, the best positions for breast-feeding and more in the book we have specially selected for you provided in your One Baby Box.


We have carefully selected a set of essential clothing items you will definitely need for your baby. Be prepared: Your baby will need cloth that her or she will outgrow every 3 months or so. Make sure you choose cloth that would fit the baby’s size in the different seasons and that would be sturdy enough for regular washing. You will find in the box a different set of cloth to accommodate for different sizes, different weather conditions and for indoor, outdoor and sleeping purposes. Our team spent great effort in choosing items that are practical, elegant and of good quality. We opt for plain colors that are easily washable, with the least amount of sewing, using hypoallergenic materials and that would be comfortable for your baby and you as you change the baby’s cloth. You will also find socks and a head cover for your baby. In general, when buying cloth for your baby, it is advised to resort to cotton garments and to avoid wool or polyester in the layer of cloth directly in contact with the baby’s skin. Also, look for garments with a wide head opening and with convenient zipper or button closures. Avoid cloth with lots of printing on them as they will probably fade away with regular washings and may cause reactions on your baby’s skin if the printing material is of poor quality.

Diaper Changing

Potentially shocking statement: Diaper changing is a shared responsibility. So, if you’re the father, this section concerns you, please keep reading. Fathers’ roles may be limited in the pregnancy, delivery and breast-feeding, but anything beyond that can and should easily be with the father’s full involvement. No worries though, with some basic planning this will become an easy task and you’ll get used to it very quickly. 3 simple rules:

  1. The everyday diaper changing needs to have a dedicated space. You can use the mattress and changing mat add-on for this purpose. It is best to have this changing station at a rather high surface in order not to hurt your back.
  2. The changing station needs to be always ready. Before beginning to change your baby, make sure everything you need as at your arm’s reach because you won’t be able to leave the baby alone even for a short moment. The essentials: Baby wipes (without alcohol), diaper cream, dry wipes, age appropriate diapers, a waste disposal bin or bag. All of these materials are provided in your One Baby Box. You might also need a small toy to distract your baby with at a later stage, or you can simply use this time to sing or play with your baby.
  3. A baby may need to be changed anytime, anywhere. You must be ready at all times with a bag that has in it extra cloth, baby wipes, diaper cream and plastic bags. You will also find in this box a special “travel mat” which is designed to be used when changing your baby outside your home and that can easily be washed.

Don’t forget to carefully wash your hands after changing your baby and to dispose of the diaper in a closed waste bag.

Bath and Hygiene

One Baby Box has in it a whole set of essentials you will need to take care of your baby’s health, hygiene and general wellbeing. The baby shampoo selected does not contain any allergy or irritation-causing materials and does not hurt the eyes. You don’t need to wash the baby’s hair in each shower or bath, and do make sure your baby doesn’t drink water during bath time. You will also find a shower sponge. Make sure your baby’s sponge is exclusively used by your baby. Cotton tips are important to regularly use to dry up and clean your baby’s ears. Of course, use dedicated cotton-tips like the ones supplied in your One Baby Box and make sure to use it carefully without forcing it into the ears. You will also find a bath towel for your baby. It can also be used as sleep cover or a baby swaddle depending on your need. Finally, you’ll find a bag which has in it 13 essential items for the care of your baby. These include a brush, a comb, a nose aspirator, a finger tooth and mouth brush, scissors, nail clippers, a baby thermometer and a shower thermometer which you can also use to measure the room’s temperature.

Growth and Development

We have also provided you with a set of tools to entertain your baby and promote his or her development. The Baby Gym set is a unique gift we custom-made for you. This wooden toy is hand-made by “Kinkajou”. You can start using it as soon as your newborn is comfortable lying on the back without being swaddled. This baby gym will help improve hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills like reaching, rolling and grasping. It will stimulate the senses (visuals, sensory and auditory). Our baby gym is made of Finnish plywood with rounded edges and covered with a layer of 100% natural bees and carnauba wax making it baby-safe and light to carry. The baby gym also comes with 3 colorful, hand stitched soft toys. These toys are made by local women in Egypt as a sustainable source of income for their families. You can learn more about the work we are doing for these women at . You can also learn more about other Kinkajou products at We have also included a newborn pacifier that can also be used when your baby is teething. We have chosen one that has a built in storage case to keep it protected. You would still need to sanitize or boil it regularly though. The memory book included in your One Baby Box is a gift we have specialized designed for you. This Memory Book is as unique as your baby. You can write, paint, paste items on each of its pages. You can rearrange, remove or add new pages as you please. Add sonograms, photos, footprints, or anything that tells your baby’s story. Your child will grow knowing how much you cherish every moment, every milestone, every memory.


Last but not least, we have included in your box a carefully selected book that has in it the most important information you’ll need when caring for your baby, in a simple, brief account that is based on scientific evidence. This book will provide you with answers to your most common questions and reasons for concern. After extensive research, we have chosen for you “A life’s journey” by Dr. Hana Abou El Ghar, which presents itself as a comprehensive guidebook for babies physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. Dr. Hana is a professor of pediatrics specialized in newborn health. In a simple Arabic language, this book seamlessly blends medicine, psychology, modern pedagogy and positive discipline while considering our local culture, challenges and local contexts.

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